St Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Kozhencherry

St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church Edavaka Mission, Kozhencherry was established in 1924. Very Rev. C. P. PhiliposeKassessa who served as the first president was instrumental in the mission activities of the Edavaka Mission of this parish in the beginning.

Intercessory Prayer, Fasting Prayer, House Visits, Jail Visits, Hospital visits etc. are few highlights of the activities through this organisation. The fasting prayer meeting held on Fridays at 10.00 am brings forth an average of around 500 people where convention speakers give thought provoking messages.

  • Patron                   : Rev. Thomas Mathew
  • President               : Rev. George Yohannan
  • Vice Presidents      : Mr. Varughese Mathew  
  • Secretary               : Mr. Cherian Joseph
  • Treasurer                : Mr. Simon Abraham
  • Kaisthanasamithy   :