St Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Kozhencherry


The MTLP School at Mallapuzhasherry is being used for worship and other activities and hence the prarthanalayam. This prarthanalayam is peculiar because, members of Maramon Mar Thoma Parish and Kozhencherry St. Thomas Mar Thoma Parish worship together in this Prarthanalayam. Holy Qurbana Service under the leadership of achens from Kozhencherry Parish is held once in 2 months on alternate third sundays at 7.30 am on sunday. A total of 60 families with 393 members reside in this area.

  • President :Rev. Edison Abraham
  • Vice President : Mr.  K. V. Chacko
  • Secretary : Mr. T. T. Titus
  • Joint Secretary : Mr. T. P Philip
  • Treasurer : Mr. Mathew P. Eapen